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Pharmaceutical blistor aluminium foil
Model:Pharmaceutical blistor aluminium foil

It is used for packing tablet,capsules,etc.Thickness:0.020mm-0.040mm(before coating).Width: 50-600mm.

Thickness:0.020mm-0.040mm(before coating).

Width: 50-600mm(according to your requirement)

Core Inner diameter:76mm

Heat seal lacquer: 4-6GSM  or 6-8GSM

Primer or OP: about 1GSM


One side coated HSL for heat sealing with PVC/PVDC for packing tablet,capsules,etc. The other side is printed or coated primer for printing.


Structure: HSL/Alu foil/Printing layer/OP layer

        HSL/Printing layer/Alu foil/Printing layer/OP layer

        HSL/Printing layer/Alu foil/OP layer

        HSL/Alu foil/OP layer

        HSL/Alu foil/Primer(printable)

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